Right Now You Are Wondering if a Boudoir Session Is Right for You; Aren't You?

Boudoir Is for Every Woman. Boudoir Captures the Unique Beauty of Every Woman. There Are No Specific Requirements. All Women Are Beautiful and I Can Prove It to You Through the Lens of My Camera. I Have Worked With So Many Women of Different Shapes, Sizes, Ages, Personalities, and Ethnicity's. I Coach Each and Every Single Woman Throughout Your Entire Shoot. I Promise You Wont Regret Booking. If Think You're Not Sexy Enough or Not a Girly Girl, I Guarantee You Will Leave Feeling Empowered, Sexy, & Everything in Between! And Be Prepared Babe, You're in for a Major Workout! Schedule your boudoir session in Shreveport, LA today.


There Is No Need to Purchase New Lingerie for Your Shoot. We Have a Fully Stocked Closet With Outfits Sizes Xs to 4X. Don't Think Lingerie Is for You, Boy-Short Panties and an Over Size T Are Just as Sexy!! Book My Full Experience and You'll Have Access to Styling From Me Personally on What Will Look the Absolute Best on You! And Lets Not Forget, Sheet Poses Are Absolutely Amazing on Every! Single! Women!!!! Come With Nothing and You'll Leave Feeling Just as Sexy!

Please Reach Out to Shelbi Conde Photography With Any Questions.